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The Duonet system is a 1-2 loop intelligent analogue addressable, networkable, fire alarm system capable of supporting up-to 200 Multipoint combined detector/sounders per loop and a network of up-to 250 control panels The Duonet panel offers a full network capacity of up to 250 panels, each panel having 1 or 2 loops capable of supporting up-to 200 Multipoint combined detector/sounders on each loop . The panel supports two plug in loop cards, giving choice for the size of system requirements. Although powerful software has been utilised, operation of the control panel

remains user friendly with intuitive fuctions. Programming and commissioning of the Duonet system is done using the Duonet OSP software package, and as well as soft addressing the additional feature of 'safe initialisation' allows devices to be added or removed from the network easily As well as offering one of the most technically advanced systems on the market Duonet also offers the specifier a piece of equipment that is appealing to the eye. A renowned design company was commissioned to produce a control panel that reflects the 'state of the art' technology it encases. The standard black hi-gloss finish panel for maximum visual impact. Many other finishes are available including brushed aluminium, walnet and marble if a different 'look' is required to make the Duonet panel a showcase product in its technical capabilities and also its appearance. Download the Duonet catalogue Features1-2 loop panel (Supplied as 1 loop, which is expanded using an additional plug-in loop card if required) Network up to 250 panels Network facility - card available Loop capacity 200 devices with built-in sounder Over 100 finishes available for panel enclosure Proven Sita protocol devices full range available Compatible with existing Sita installations if required Printer available Advanced commissiong software 128 available zones per panel Up to 1km length between networked panels Choice of up to 15 combinations of smoke or heat detection within the Multipoint detector programmable at control panel or via connected PC Optional built-in sounder in each Multipoint provides 7 sound patterns and 3 volume settings Multi stage alarms - pre-alarm feature Automatic continuous self calibration of addressable Multipoint detectors Multipoint detectors are monitored for all failure modes of sensor chamber - warnings indicated when smoke detector heads require service
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